Notary Certification Class

November 13, 2021 8:00 am – 5:00 pmLocation: 426 N. First Avenue Please click here to register for our Notary Certification Class in partnership with WakeTech!

Notary Public Certification

June 12, 2021 8:00 amLocation: 426 N. First Avenue The Knightdale Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Notary Public Certification Class June 12th 8am-6pm, book is provided. Buy your ticket now using the EventBrite link below. *Mask Required*

Snapology Amusement Park Engineering

September 26, 2020 1:30 pm – 2:45 pmLocation: 426 N. First Avenue Design your own amusement park in this super fun program! Learn how to use LEGO® bricks and other building materials to make coasters and other awesome rides. Can you design the next Disney World?

Snapology Ninja Warrior Class

September 19, 2020 1:30 pm – 3:30 pmLocation: 426 N. First Avenue Sensei Wu needs you! Design a new dojo for Snapology made from LEGO® bricks and train your men to battle with the best. Go through ninja training and earn your black belt, Snapology-style. Get ready to have fun and become a Master Ninja.

Snapology Incredible Inventions

September 12, 2020 1:30 pm – 2:45 pmLocation: 426 N. First Avenue Do you enjoy inventing new things? Learn about the process real inventors go through while you help design, build and program robotic models to solve problems using LEGO® bricks and robotics. Are you the next Thomas Edison? Learning is enhanced through use of […]

Notary Public Training | Certification in One Day

December 18, 2019Location: 426 N. First Avenue Notary Public Class offered by the Knightdale Chamber – 9am to 4:30pm Gain Notary Public certification in one day! Eliminate the continuous hassle of always running to get documents notarized. The Knightdale Chamber in partnership with Wake Technical Community College, offers this full-day course providing an understanding of […]