Abbie’s Tobacco Shop

What is Abbie’s Tobacco Shop?       

     Abbie’s Tobacco Shop is a friendly neighborhood store locally owned and operated. We are not the typical corporate chain conglomerate interested only in profit. Abbie’s Tobacco Shop is committed to giving back to the people within the communities we serve. We promise to deliver prompt service, fresh quality products, at fair prices all the time.

     Abbie’s Tobacco Store was inspired and created as a tribute to our Great-Great-Great Aunt Abbie. She was a proud woman with a profound love for smoking. Story has it she enjoyed smoking a corn cob pipe stuffed with fresh tobacco grown on her farm. Abbie’s Tobacco was started as a tribute to her memory and enjoyment for smoking.  We believe in delivering fresh high quality products each time you visit our stores. When you visit our store our goal is to deliver a personal and friendly customer experience every time.

Abbie’s Tobacco offers products for both smoking and smokeless customers.  Our goal is to deliver the highest quality tobacco and smokeless products from Cigars, Loose tobacco, Cigarettes, E-Cigs, Vapors, Hookahs and smoking related supplies.

     We value our customer community.  Gain knowledge by listening to our customer base. Respect the rights for people to make choices. We strive to always deliver fresh high quality tobacco products for Adult consumption. Abbie’s Tobacco Promises to deliver an enjoyable customer experience each time you visit one of our stores.

We look to ‘YOU’ our valued customer for feedback and suggestions on how we can best serve you. Our door is always open and the lights on. We look forward to serving you and earning your business.

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819 N. Smithfield Rd
Knightdale, North Carolina 27545 


(919) 964-2611

Ann Akland Pottery

Ann Akland was born and raised in North Carolina. She grew up on her family’s tobacco farm in Knightdale. Ann always loved to create things. She started out with drawing and painting, taking a number of studio art courses at Duke University. Also, in addition to making time for her husband, Gerry, and caring for her children, Mark and Kristen, she focused a lot of energy on her career. After retiring, Ann decided to rekindle her passion for art. She has always loved pottery and when Bill Wilder, a family friend, taught a class at the local community center, Ann signed up. She found she just could not get enough of “throwing clay.” Ann has since taken classes with Dan Finch in Bailey and at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC. Ann now has her own pottery studio on the farm in Knightdale. She has both an electric and gas kiln. Gerry is the “muscles” behind the operation–real pottery team work for 15 years!

Studio is open  Sunday afternoon from 1 til 5 pm.

1112 Old Ferrell Rd, Knightdale, NC 27545

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1112 Old Ferrell Rd
Knightdale, NC 27545 


(919) 414-3712 (Main)

The Soap Hut

The Soap Hut is run by two friends in North Carolina…..Melodie & Lynn.  These two Carolina Gals have polar opposite tastes in just about everythying…..but that’s what makes them a GREAT team… ensures that there will be something for everyone.  They both have a desire to create bath products that you are going to absolutely love.
One of our favorite products to create are “Bath Bombs”!!!!!  And yes, we test all of our products at home so we KNOW they fizz and create a happy place to just be.  🙂 . A few more of our favorites are lotions, lip balms, body oils, bath teas, bath salts…..and the men in our lives love our beard care products.  The list  of fabulously hand-crafted products just keeps growing.

If there is a product you’d love to see us offer please reach out to us and let us know.  We love the challenge of creating new recipes and products.

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Raleigh, NC 27610 


(919) 562-5440