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Preston Development Company is recognized as one of the premier development teams in the nation. Founders Tim Smith and Julian “Bubba” Rawl, have established a reputation for planning and producing only the highest quality development projects.

Born in upscale Cary, North Carolina, Preston Development Company has established a solid foundation with a name that is instantly recognized with great esteem in the Southeast. Preston has achieved excellence in all of their projects from the capital city’s Research Triangle Area, a pre-eminent tech and biotech center, to the sweeping shores of the North Carolina Coast. Preston Development is known locally for high-end residential communities such as Preston and the Prestonwood Country Club, MacGregor West, Wessex, Weston Estates, Camden Forest, Magnolia Woods and Stanton Place.

Preston has also made a name with retail projects which include:  The Arboretum at Weston, Preston Walk, Preston Corners and Buck Jones Village to name a few.  Additionally, Preston owns, leases and manages many of our centers and freestanding buildings. Currently, two of our larger projects are Chatham Park and Beau Coast.  Chatham Park is a projected 7,000-acre technological live-work-play community located close to Research Triangle Park, Raleigh Durham International Airport and three world-class universities, (Duke University, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, and North Carolina State University).

Second in progress is Beau Coast, located adjacent to the historic town of Beaufort, North Carolina. This jewel of a town dates back prior to the founding of our country. Our 300 plus acre residential community will keep the flavor of the history that has made this area so famous.  Blackbeard the pirate scuttled his beloved Queen Anne’s Revenge through this area spawning legends that are still alive today.  History made a mark and we are committed to showcasing the heritage. A quick Google search or browsing our website will bring you up-to-date and show you exactly who we are and how we operate.  Our motto is “You’re only as good as your last project.”  Building quality builds a reputation, we have done that and people recognize it. Above all, Preston Development Company is defined by two words: Quality and Relationships.  We share “old school” values in the new world of technology. Simply said, nobody does it better than Preston.

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