Wake Chapel Church

Wake Chapel Church’s hallmark is advocacy for health care, education, and employment. Our foundation is deeply rooted in our core values based on:

* Leading people to Jesus Christ whereby He is glorified
* Ministering to the total needs of men, women and families of all cultures
* Providing opportunities for empowerment and growth (spiritually, health-wise and economically)
* Developing a welcoming environment that encourages active participation by all disciples
* Supporting community members as we all work to surpass barriers and limitations


Statement of Faith

Wake Chapel Church with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, seeks to fulfill the Ministry of Jesus Christ through obedience to His commandments, charitable services to the needy, responsible stewardship, Christian Education, the salvation of souls, faith, and prayer.


The Wake Chapel Ministry is: Bible Based, Bible Bearing, Bible Believing and Bible Behaving.

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3805 Tarheel Club Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27604 

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