The Soap Hut

The Soap Hut is run by two friends in North Carolina…..Melodie & Lynn.  These two Carolina Gals have polar opposite tastes in just about everythying…..but that’s what makes them a GREAT team… ensures that there will be something for everyone.  They both have a desire to create bath products that you are going to absolutely love.
One of our favorite products to create are “Bath Bombs”!!!!!  And yes, we test all of our products at home so we KNOW they fizz and create a happy place to just be.  🙂 . A few more of our favorites are lotions, lip balms, body oils, bath teas, bath salts…..and the men in our lives love our beard care products.  The list  of fabulously hand-crafted products just keeps growing.

If there is a product you’d love to see us offer please reach out to us and let us know.  We love the challenge of creating new recipes and products.

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