About The Chamber

Membership in the Knightdale Chamber puts you in touch with the perfect business partner. Through numerous programs and services as well as access to information available only to members, the Chamber is right by your side to help your business grow and prosper. Of course there is more to Chamber membership than growing your business and increasing your profits. As a member you are investing in the community where you live and do business. The Chamber works to protect our quality of life and ensure that our economy continues to thrive.  If the community remains prosperous, then each business will benefit.

Joining the Chamber today is one of the best investments your business can make, both for increasing your profitability and for improving the Knightdale community. Your membership is an investment offering a return in the form of new leads for your business, a stronger economy and an exceptional quality of life.

Through various services and programs, the Chamber gives members a voice in government and helps to improve the quality of life for all of us in every facet of our community: education, business development, public policy, transportation, and other important community issues. The Chamber serves and supports the business interests of its more than 300 area businesses and individuals and helps create a sustainable community where they can thrive.

Membership is open to all area businesses and individuals who have a genuine interest in the betterment of Knightdale and maintain their annual dues investment in the Chamber. Membership is an investment in the present and future of our community’s welfare. Membership dues are not a charitable contribution, bu may be tax deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense.Benefits are numerous!  Be sure to visit the ‘Member Benefits’ page on this website to see how your business can benefit from Chamber membership.We look forward to serving you.  We are committed to our members’ success. Please let us know what we can do for you.

Mission Statement
The Knightdale Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization committed to advancing the general welfare of the businesses and citizens of Knightdale and surrounding areas.

Chamber Goals

  • Promote –
    Promote business development and growth by organizing the Knightdale Business Expo and by disseminating community and area information to encourage economic development growth and stability.

  • Work –
    Work with existing area businesses to ensure economic vibrancy by providing and  programs and activities that enhance the value of Chamber membership.

  • Build –
    Build a cooperative relationship between town officials and the Chamber in order to promote positive economic development for the benefit of the entire Knightdale community.

  • Encourage –
    Encourage economic development in Wake County by establishing and enhancing relationships with all levels of government, education, transportation and chamber members to improve the quality of life and economic vitality of the Knightdale area.

  • Increase –
    Make the Chamber a strong and active organization by continuing to develop a diverse membership that will benefit each other and the community.

Why Join The Chamber?

1.  MAKE NEW BUSINESS CONTACTS.  Networking at Chamber events helps you meet potential customers, clients and vendors.  the ‘Business After Hours’ and other networking programs such as PWNG and Networking in Knightdale provide great opportunities to get to know new people – and expand your prospect base.

2.  MARKET YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES.  Take advantage of the Chamber’s low-cost marketing opportunities such as the annual Knightdale Business Expo.  You’ll reach thousands of business owners and executives, anxious to learn more about your products and services.

3.  INVEST IN A HEALTHY ECONOMY.  When the Chamber assists companies that are relocating here or expanding their businesses, it means more jobs – and more customers for you.  Your investments in the Chamber helps to market Knightdale and promote quality growth.

4.  ENHANCE YOUR MANAGEMENT SKILLS.  Increase your company’ profitability and competitiveness by taking advantage of Chamber programs that improve your management skills.  Low-cost seminars and educational opportunities and free business counseling provided by the US Small Business Administration through the Chamber helps you grow your business.

5.  GAIN A VOICE IN GOVERNMENT.  The Chamber speaks on behalf of business to elected and appointed officials and governmental staff members at local, state and national levels.  Your voice will e heard on important regulatory, legislative and education issues that directly affect your business.

6.  INCREASE YOUR ACCESS TO INFORMATION.  Locate new prospects in our membership directory.  Use our demographic and economic information to plan your marketing strategy.  The Chamber has a number of information resources you need to help your business grow.  Post Job Openings and Hot Deals easily on the Chamber Website with your personal chamber login and password.

7.  SAVE YOUR COMPANY MONEY.  Participation in our Member 2 Member Discount Program can help reduce your everyday expenses.  Also, new members receive a FREE ad in our local newspaper–a great avenue to let people know about that your business is a community partner.

8.  HEIGHTEN YOUR COMPANY’S VISIBILITY.  Announce your respect for customers by by displaying your Chamber membership plaque in your place of business with pride. Your investment in the Chamber gives your business credibility, visibility and marketability.

9.  LEARN NEW SKILLS FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS.  The Chamber provides services to small and large business owners alike.  Programs are designed to help you start your business or to help your business grow.  At the Chamber, you’ll get the tools you need to help your business prosper.

10.  GET INVOLVED.  There’s nothing more rewarding than volunteering your time and talent to make the community where you live and work a better place.  As a members of the Chamber, you will sustain and improve the quality of life that you, your family and your employees enjoy.  Membership in the Chamber pays and is an investment in your business future.  Contact the Chamber today to find out more about how the Chamber can help you grow your business.