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  • New Members

  • Buzz Media Marketing
  • Committees

  • Membership Development / Fundraising

    Generate the financial resources to fund the operating budget of the KCOC through retention of existing members, new members, and non-dues revenue including the Chamber Champion program, Sponsorships, Fundraising & Programs sales for KCOC programs and advertising opportunities.

  • Member Services

    Provide meaningful programs, marketing opportunities, and services that represent our member’s needs.  Retain members/sponsors and attract new members/sponsors by improving and offering better communication about upcoming programs and services through the website and e-communicator.

  • Education Division

    Help businesses by providing business related seminars.  Increase awareness of the relationship between strong public schools and the economic impact role they have in our community and county.  Raise funds to be used to enhance education in Knightdale; i.e. scholarships, teacher grants, etc.

  • Governmental / Business Relations

    To establish and enhance relationships with government officials and business leaders that impact KCOC and its business community; provide information to and obtain input from our members on governmental/business issues relevant to them.

    Provide opportunities to share information on business / governmental issues to our members.  Foster and build cooperative relationships with elected officials as well as other business leaders and share information to our members on key issues that have an impact on the business community